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  • Quality control across all applications

  • Number one choice in Concrete Tanks in Queensland

Working With Us

By choosing to engage in work with Bargara Concrete Tanks, you can expect a very helpful passionate construction team driven by a high safety record, workers with attitudes focused around honesty, quality and efficiency.

We have a very flexible and highly skilled work force who can deliver any size project to schedule or can accommodate most changes as required to suit you, our clients needs.

At Bargara Concrete Tanks, rest assured that:

  • We strive to supply the most cost efficient solutions available for every project.
  • Our 28 years of experience in constructing concrete tanks, reservoirs and structures are the foundations to our high standard of workman ship.
  • Commitment by our company is second to none, we complete all scoped work on time.
  • We can supply schedules in MS Projects down to day by day activities, which can be easily added into the overall project costs.

Standard work practices

  • Site Inspection, meet and greet with the two parties and relevant experienced personal.
  • Defining of requirements, battery limits and scope of works required
  • A defined schedule submitted for approval before work commences
  • All procedures and requested documentation submitted for review by the client within a timely manor.
  • ‘Form 15’ submitted for all Design and Construction projects by our engineering team in a timely manor. Due to the long warranty periods for concrete structures, we build every project to the appropriate standards.
  • Mobilization and work carried out swiftly with no delays utilising our own equipment such as cranes, trucks and road trains. Mobile accommodation for remote areas can be supplied.
  • Quality control by the correct supervision and experience overseeing the projects, no rock is left unturned.
  • During the construction phase, our project team like to keep the communication doors wide open. This allows for any issues to be rectified while construction to minimise all costs. We pride our selves on minimal variations to the client and would rather raise the issues in the design stages at the start of the project so everything can be budgeted correctly.
  • As construct information, Form16 and any rectification works required, Bargara Concrete Tanks like to complete them before site demobilization has occurred.

It’s easy to see why we are the number one choice in Concrete Tanks in Queensland – the evidence is in our quality. We invite you to take a look at some previously completed projects by visiting our case studies gallery.

Bargara Concrete Tanks look forward to working with you in the future.

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