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Concrete Tanks

Bargara Concrete Tanks offers only the highest quality in all aspects of tank and reservoir construction, from turnkey projects to existing tank crack repairs and maintenance.

All of our Concrete Structures are poured on site with concrete mix designs to suit all locations and applications with tanks finished off with either concrete or steel roofing.

We offer a FREE Site Inspection of any location in Queensland. Don’t waste money with the poor advice, Call Us Now on 0409 498 748 for a tailored tank from our standard designs!

Reservoir & Tank Standard Sizes
Liquid Capacity Internal Diameter Internal Height
220kl 9.80m 3.20m
300kl 9.80m 4.40m
400kl 11.30m 4.40m
500kl 13.60m 3.70m
540kl 13.60m 3.95m
600kl 13.60m 4.40m
640kl 13.60m 4.65m
730kl 15.55m 4.40m
780kl 15.00m 4.65m
1.0ml 18.00m 4.00m
1.2ml 18.00m 4.85m
1.3ml 20.90m 3.95m
1.6ml 20.90m 5.00m
2.0ml 23.32m 5.00m
2.45ml 22.10m 6.66m
2.75ml 23.32m 6.66m
3.00ml 24.54m 6.66m
3.50ml 25.40m 6.66m
4.00ml 28.20m 6.66m
4.50ml 28.20m 7.43m
We can build quality tanks above 4.5ml as required with our skilled team
Pump Well Sizes
Liquid Capacity Internal Diameter Internal Height
>110kl 3.50m >12m
>180kl 4.50m >12m
>270kl 5.50m >12m

Tank Specialists

Experience covering the following areas:

  • Proposal Concepts
  • Soil testing and Analysis
  • Design Engineering (Form 15), Drafting, Scheduling and Project Management
  • Quality Control System
  • Safety Management System
  • Environmental Management System
  • Tank Certification to AS 3600and 3735 Codes>
  • Carry out installation of all Civil Works, Roads and Pavements
  • Installation of pipe work, valves including stainless steel, Ductile Iron, HDPE, etc
  • Construction of in situ concrete pump wells, pits, pump slabs, electrical pads, concrete structures
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Confined Space and Working at Heights Compliance
  • Access Scaffolding Structures Compliance
  • Form 16 Compliance on all tanks

We have the ability to incorporate into our designs site and client specific requirements for example:

  • Heavy Roof Loads
  • External Water Buoyancy Solutions
  • Buried Tank loads
  • Poor site access
  • Inlet and Outlet Pipework positioning
  • Structural Access Stairs and Handrails
  • Floor Sumps and Sediment Recovery Cast In Units.
  • Corner Coving for Sewerage
  • Pop up Safety Access Hatches to council requirements
  • Internal Segmented Walls

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Product Range:

  • Reservoirs
  • Potable Clear Water Tanks
  • Fluid Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Flocculent Tanks
  • Stormwater Catchment
  • Bio Selectors
  • Settlement Tanks

Other Cast in Situ Products:

  • Pump Wells
  • Valve Pits
  • Road Causeways
  • Head Walls
  • Mass Footings